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The Story of Clopia and our iClops

Out in the middle of a vast and Dark Ocean, where the Sun meets the Sea is the tropical island of Clopia. Rumoured to be a former secret base of some long forgotten military, the pretty island has a dark heart. In the centre is a (now) disused chemical plant that was once used to create awful concoctions and deadly brews. But for all its scary darkness and evil odours in the middle, the edges are populated with the cutest and craziest characters you could ever wish to meet.

An Ingenious and hardworking bunch, they go about their daily lives with happiness and a beat to their step. Inventing and Farming are their core industries and activities, keeping them busy every day!

They have also made some of the best dance music that has ever been heard!

But why are they so strange looking I hear you ask?! Well, one day that chemical plant on the small Island of Clopia had an accident that turned all the water into a gene changing brew that would alter every Clopian, each one affected slightly differently. Legend says that it was at this time the people that had made the chemical plant in the first place abandoned the Island never to return.

Some are cute, some are cranky and some are creepy! But all of them are ultimately adorable. With their new powers they will help you create ways to make your yield numbers go up and up!

So, without further ado! It’s time to meet, greet and get them to work!

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