eFAME Token Supply & Presale
All Details about the eFAME Token and there presale.
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eFAME Tokens are used as Reward Tokens for any NFT Surprise series and in general are used as utility tokens for voting, rewards and other purposes, some of them still in development.
eFAME does not have nor contain any value. Only buy this token if you know what you are doing. Do your own research, nothing you read here is financial advice. !
    Total Supply : 10,000,000 eFAME
      LP Base Market : 5,000,000 eFAME
      Staking Reward : 4,000,000 eFAME
      Presale Amount: 1,000,000 eFAME á 0.00002 ETH/eFAME
    Presale will be split in to 20 Parts each with 50,000 eFAME for 1ETH.
      This money will be used in Uniswap Base Market as Liquidity Provider.
    Uniswap Listing ETH/eFAME
      Base Liquidity 120ETH / 5,000,000 eFAME
      Start Uniswap Saleprice 0.000024 ETH/eFAME
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