NFTeGG - LP Staking Details

How and why should I stake LP Token on NFTeGG Farm 1 ?

Next to NFT's the second way to generate eFAME and support us, is as Liquidity Provider (LP).

You have to buy some eFAME on Uniswap or take your generated Reward to Uniswap and "stake" it on the Market Contract with the 50% eFAME & 50% ETH. For this deposit you will get LP UNI2 Token and this are also able to Stake in our 2. Farm. Just approve the Contract and deposit the Amount LP you like to stake.

Same as NFT staking you will get a reward for your collateral every Block and can just "claim" it or withdraw your stake and get the reward claimed automatically.

(Blocknumber - Start Block) * LP Amount * Staking Factor Staking Factor = Global Contract Setting

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