NFTeGG - NFT Staking details

How and why should I stake an NFTeGG on NFTeGG Farm 1 ?

Items have two diffeferent traits "Fame" and "Power". Each trait is represented by a random value between 1% and 100% as iClops monsters have a random between 80% and 100% whereas weapons and pills (gimmicks) have a value between 1% and 80%. The "Power" value is important for staking because its working as a base stake indentifier.

(Blocknumber - Start Block) * Power Value * Staking Factor * Booster Status Power Value = Item Power Value Staking Factor = Global Contract Setting Booster Status = Action Ticket used or not.

Every Block a NFTeGG Surprise Series #1 Item is staked in the "Farm" Contract it will generate a reward. This reward can just claimed anytime in the overview or will be paid out with the final NFT withdraw.

If the Reward or Stake is removed before a mature time on 72 hours, the payout will reduced by 10%.

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