Launch, Token & Farm Details

NFTeGG Surprise Series #1 wil launch there Shop on 31/10/20 at our Webpage it will be possible to buy one (0.1ETH) NFTeGG or a six pack (0.55 ETH).

Each eGG will produce a NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain and will randomly be selected as an iClops or a Gimmick. These NFTs have the abillity to be stake as collateral in Farm #1 and generate eFAME over time.

Our Reward Token eFame, as well as NFTeGG Farm#1 and Farm#2 will launch as soon as 2000 eGGs have been minted. From this moment on, the Uniswap Pool will be filled with 5M eFame plus 120 ETH, and the two Farms receive the remaining 4M eFame tokens. Now staking on both farms will be available for the NFTeGG users.

In this moment the eFAME Distribution is completed and there is no way to mine or create new eFAME.

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